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Our office advises students and faculty on off-campus study opportunities, the application process, pre-departure support, assistance during their time overseas and upon their return to campus. 

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Skidmore in New Zealand

Skidmore in New Zealand

Skidmore in New Zealand

In New Zealand, students directly enroll in one of two universities and can choose to focus their semester with either the Geology or Earth Systems field research tracks before the start of the academic semester. Read more

Skidmore in France

Skidmore in Paris

Skidmore in France

In Montpellier, students are based at a program center and take courses at local universities in both English and French. Many course options include language, business, psychology, the humanities and social sciences allow students to fulfill major/minor requirements while living in one of France’s most student-friendly cities. Read more

Skidmore in Spain

Skidmore in Spain

Skidmore in Spain

In Spain, students with an advanced knowledge of Spanish strive to integrate students into the life of Madrid and Alcalá through courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) or Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH), the experience of a family stay, and an emphasis on involvement in the cultural and social life of Spain. Read more

London First-Year

London First-Year

London First-Year

Each fall, students from Skidmore's incoming first-year class will have the opportunity to spend their first semester of college in London. In addition to allowing students to enjoy the historical and cultural riches of England's capital, the First-Year Experience in London enables them to begin working toward their Skidmore degrees; helps prepare them for Skidmore's academic challenges and opportunities; and builds strong connections and friendships among the participants. Read more

Skidmore Travel Seminars

Skidmore Travel Seminars

Skidmore Travel Seminars

Travel seminar courses offer students a carefully structured, focused, and challenging short-term learning experience. These programs allow students to accompany one or two faculty members as they explore a focused topic that uses the destination as a classroom. Read more

Program Options
Man with two pigeons on his shoulders.

Where will you go?

There are a great number of off-campus study opportunities coordinated by the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (OCSE), including Skidmore's study abroad programs, approved non-Skidmore study abroad programs, faculty-led travel seminars, and domestic study programs.

Courses and Credits

Staying on track at Skidmore

Off-Campus Study at Skidmore College has been developed to complement Skidmore’s degree programs and meet the high standards of a Skidmore education. The main objective of our off-campus program structure is to include programs that allow Skidmore students to integrate more closely their experiences off-campus with their work here on campus. All off-campus programs are linked to Skidmore’s curriculum and are meant to support majors and minors.


Funding your experience

Students studying off-campus will be charged Skidmore's comprehensive fee for the semester or academic year. Students studying on a short-term travel seminar will be charged a program fee that will vary depending on the program.


Before you go

As you prepare to study abroad, you will find that there are many details you must pay attention to and a long list of things "to do." Be sure to read everything you receive from your program sponsor immediately! OCSE is here to help guide you.

Health & Safety

Taking care of yourself

In choosing to study abroad, you have demonstrated that you are a risk taker of the very best kind. We here in the OCSE hope that you'll continue to challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you while abroad.

Diversity & Identity

Adjusting to a new cultural context

Off-Campus study & Exchanges recognizes and supports a diverse student population on all our programs. In selecting your program and in preparing to go abroad, it is important to think about all aspects of your personal identity and how these may be perceived in the host culture you'll be living in.

2022 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Lydia Shaw '22 - Basking Shark
Best in Show
Basking Shark submitted by Lydia Shaw '22
My City Winner - Merrill Brouder, 2022
My City
House of the Black Madonna
submitted by Merrill Brouder '22
My Self(ie) - John Gong, 2022
My Selfie
Sunset Watch on Headrig
submitted by Jade Bacherman '21
My Host Culture Winner - Jack Olson '22
My Host Culture
Countryside Adventures
submitted by Jack Olson '22
My Studies Winner - Brian Borchard '23
My Studies
Bodleian Libraries
submitted by Brian Borchard '23



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